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Immersed in the art world both domestic and abroad, Ashley provides access to the most coveted artists. She acquired cutting-edge marketing strategies from her experience working on the creative marketing team at the music technology company Slyde. Upon reaching the success of the company being sold, Ashley created Cur8 Agency in 2015, a platform to help her clients grow sales and exposure through a grass-root evangelist marketing and sales technique that is truly millennial. In early 2015, Ashley accepted the position as director of sales and marketing for Castle FitzJohns Gallery in Manhattan. Holding this title for a year, Ashley worked as the apprentice to Vincent Harres, a successful gallery owner and skilled auctioneer of 6 years. With Vincent’s encouragement, Cur8 Agency partnered with several artists represented by Castle FitzJohns Gallery. Over the last 3 years, Ashley’s career has held two successful gallery director positions, gaining experience in both the Miami, Florida and New York City buyer markets. She recently decided to step down from her third administrative gallery position to open Cur8 Gallery as a space to display Cur8 Agency’s artists. Leveraging her youthful high net-worth clientele, fruitful connections in the art fair circuit, and auction houses internationally, Ashley now dedicates her life to the Cur8 Agency mission- build strategies, build confidence, build your business.