Leasing Program

What do we offer?

Cur8 Gallery offers a leasing program for corporate clients interested in practicing employee wellness in the workplace, at a subsidized cost. Our special focus in art and design allows for a creative approach when assisting corporate clients with their goals.

An intelligent art collection can reflect a company’s history and showcase its character, image, and spirit to employees, customers, and partners. Art from diverse parts of the world can also serve to demonstrate the global presence of a company, while showing the work of local artists can show that a company supports and celebrates the community in which it operates.


Art has proven to be remarkably effective in stimulating creativity and productivity and thus can aid companies in getting the most out of their employees. Art in the workplace is a resource that is not fully utilized. Being that employee engagement and employee satisfaction are concerns that are becoming increasingly important to companies around the country, our art leasing program can be a great way to up the moral in any work space.

Recent studies have shown conducted in 2012-2013 at Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) shows that art in the schools and the workplace notably “promotes social interactions, generally enhances the workplace environment, elicits emotional responses, facilitates personal connection-making and fosters learning.” The faculty and board members of the organization continuously described how the art positively affected their relationships with their coworkers and allowed them to view the workplace as more pleasurable.

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Our program leases art through wholesale prices and payment structures uniquely designed by Cur8’s financial advisors to allow the consumption of large bodies of fine art to be more attainable and cost-effective. We work closely with our clients to maintain long-lasting and mutually beneficial artistic endeavors.