Cur8 Gallery functions both as a component of our curatorial agency as well as an interior design firm. With our keen attention to the art market and ability to understand your needs, we are able to bring your vision to fruition. Further, we have an underlying knowledge of art therapy, which makes it possible to take into account all necessary factors such as intention, concept, and theme when choosing the best possible layout for a piece of artwork or a piece of furniture. We find it remarkably important to showcase each body of work in a way that is best understood by its audience.

As an agency that works with both corporate clients and residential private clients for homes and/or office spaces, Cur8 has the experience to delve into myriad projects while fulfilling the vision that each client may have. We believe that creating a space should be a two-way partnership between the designer and client. Cur8 is here to educate our clients about the many design options that exist in order to make the best possible decisions. Whether it be one exceptional piece of artwork, or an entirely new interior design, our team will assuredly upgrade any space to our clients’ desire.